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Death and Other Details

Season: 1

How do you solve a murder in a post-fact world? Especially when sailing the Mediterranean on an ocean liner filled with the wealthy and powerful. Everyone on board is hiding something… but is one of them a killer? That’s what the world’s once greatest detective, Rufus Cotesworth, and his protégée, Imogene, aim to discover.

Mystery, Drama, Crime

Episodes (10)
1Tue, Jan 16, 2024


When a guest is murdered on a luxury ocean liner, Imogene Scott becomes the only suspect in an impossible crime. She didn't do it. So, who did?

2Tue, Jan 16, 2024


Rufus interrogates each of the major players on board. They're all hiding something… even Imogene's best friend.

3Tue, Jan 23, 2024


Interpol seizes control of the investigation. Rufus and Imogene must now investigate the Colliers in secret.

4Tue, Jan 30, 2024


As the manhunt for Jules intensifies, Imogene uncovers his criminal past… and finds a new witness.

5Tue, Feb 06, 2024


Who is Viktor Sams? Imogene and Sunil pursue a lead in Malta, while Rufus teams up with Leila and Teddy.

6Tue, Feb 13, 2024


Imogene is betrayed by someone close to her as more victims fall prey to Viktor Sams.

7Tue, Feb 20, 2024


Imogene walks in Rufus's shoes, revisiting the investigation into her mother's murder eighteen years ago.

8Tue, Feb 27, 2024


Blackout. Three dead bodies. Everyone's terrified. The secrets unravel like Christmas presents. And Imogene confronts her mother's killer.

9Tue, Mar 05, 2024


Viktor Sams takes control of the Varuna and forces the guests to bid against each other to survive. Will Imogene and her friends unmask him before time runs out?

10Tue, Mar 05, 2024


Reeling from the truth, Imogene has a choice to make. Rufus writes a second memoir.