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Disney Plus and Hulu are getting steep price hikes

Disney has announced that it’s raising the price of Disney Plus to $10.99 / month, up from its current price of $7.99 / month, starting December 8th in the US. The move comes as the company is looking to restructure its pricing options, which will soon include a $7.99 / month ad-supported tier.

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Disney’s also raising the price of its Hulu subscription. The ad-free tier will jump from $12.99 / month to $14.99, while the ad-supported version will cost $7.99 / month, up from $6.99. The new pricing goes into effect on October 10th. A price hike for unbundled ESPN Plus streaming was announced in July, taking the monthly price from $6.99 to $9.99 / month.

The price increases affect bundled plans as well. Users with an ad-free Disney Plus subscription along with an ad-supported plan for Hulu and ESPN Plus will increase from $13.99 to $14.99 / month. Disney’s also introducing a bundle that includes Disney Plus and Hulu with ads for $9.99 / month. Meanwhile, Disney Plus, Hulu, and ad-supported ESPN Plus will cost $19.99 / month.

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