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Dee & Friends in Oz

The mean Miss Ruby wants to shut down the Wonderful School of Oz and keep the magic all for herself — unless Dee and her friends can save the day!

Kids, Animation, Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Episodes (16)
1Mon, Feb 05, 2024

Dee and the Wonderful School of Oz

On Dee's first day at the Wonderful School of Oz, she and her friends travel to Witch Village to stop a cauldron's bubbles from blooping up everything.

2Mon, Feb 05, 2024

Dee and the Ozling Rescue

Dee and Lion help an Ozling named Bluebell look for her stuffed animal lovey — and along the way, the friends find their confidence.

3Mon, Feb 05, 2024

Dee and the Magical Gemstone

Dee finds a color-changing gemstone that could help create the Gemstone Loop. But to unite Oz, the friends must first learn to respect each other.

4Mon, Feb 05, 2024

Dee and the Ozberry Adventure

The Strawland citizens ask Dee and the gang to scare away the Woohoo birds to protect the ozberries... but Scarecrow wants to do things a different way.

5Mon, Feb 05, 2024

Dee and the Banana Gemstone

Eastyn likes to go fast. Westyn likes to go slow. And while the sisters argue about which way is best, Stuffley steals the second magical gemstone!

6Mon, Feb 05, 2024

Dee and the Do-Your-Best Fest

At the Do-Your-Best Fest, Dee decides to take a picture of a Giggly frog in order to earn an explorer badge — if she could only stop making mistakes!

7Mon, Feb 05, 2024

Dee and the Cloud Gemstone

Stuffley pretends to be friends with Dee to steal the third gemstone. But Dee's got bigger problems: She promised Lion they'd ride the Cloud Tower!

8Mon, Feb 05, 2024

Dee and the Heart Gemstone

When Dee stumbles upon a piece of the final magical gemstone, the group goes on a journey to find the rest of it with an unexpected new friend: Stuffley!

9Mon, Feb 05, 2024

Dee and the Crown of Oz

While Dee, Scarecrow and Stuffley search for a monster in Ozling City, Miss Ruby searches for four crown pieces to help her become the Wizard of Oz.

10Mon, Feb 05, 2024

Dee and the Trouble in Tinland

The Tinland clock is broken, and now the Tin people keep doing things at the wrong time. Can Dee and Tin figure out what's causing the problem?

11Mon, Feb 05, 2024

Dee and the Giant Ozlings

Dee and Eastyn travel to Ozling City to help with an emergency: Three big baby Ozlings are loose in the city — and they're breaking the Gemstone Loop!

12Mon, Feb 05, 2024

Dee and the Shrink Bug

While on a quest to return a Woohoo bird egg to its nest, Dee crosses paths with a tricky Shrink Bug who teaches her the importance of speaking up.

13Mon, Feb 05, 2024

Dee, Tin, and the Golden Ozberry

To taste a Golden Ozberry, Dee and the gang have to fly to the top of a mountain using the Yahoo Sprinkle Machine — but the machine doesn't work on Tin.

14Mon, Feb 05, 2024

Dee and the Magic Balloon

Dee tries to ignore her homesickness so she can celebrate Oz-tastic Day — the happiest day of the year. But the gloomy balloon-y knows her real feelings.

15Mon, Feb 05, 2024

Dee and the Oz Emergencies

While helping with emergencies all over Oz, Dee learns the hard way that she needs to rest to be her best — especially if she wants to stop Miss Ruby.

16Mon, Feb 05, 2024

Dee and the Wizard of Oz

To find the last crown piece and stop Miss Ruby from becoming the Wizard of Oz, Dee and friends need to solve three challenging riddles. Think fast, Dee!