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‘Enola Holmes 2’ Review: Charming Sequel Cranks Up the Stakes, Romance, and Sibling Rivalry

‘Tis her! After charming audiences with her awkward, comedic hijinx, Millie Bobby Brown‘s teenage detective is back to getting into trouble, fighting to prove herself, and giving voice to the voiceless in the utterly delightful, comedic, and surprisingly moving Enola Holmes 2. Directed by Harry Bradbeer with a screenplay by Jack Thorne, both of whom also brought us the first film, Enola Holmes 2 wastes no time throwing the audience — and the titular detective — headfirst into a densely-packed, multilayered mystery that calls for the skills of more than one Holmes sibling.

Netflix Watch Guide | Enola Holmes 2

Following her successful rescue of Viscount Tewksbury (Louis Partridge), Enola Holmes opens her own detective agency in London, but is having a hard time getting it off the ground. Her age, gender, and relative inexperience are all factors, of course, but there is also the fact that she simply isn’t her famous older brother Sherlock (Henry Cavill), the go-to Holmes sibling when it comes to mysteries that need solving. Just as she is preparing to pack up shop and head back to the Holmes’ country estate, she is approached by young match girl Bessie (Serrana Su-Ling Bliss) looking for help in finding her missing sister.

What starts out as a simple enough missing person case to be solved with the power of that famous familiar deductive reasoning — and a fair number of lessons Enola received from her mother Eudoria (Helena Bonham Carter) — quickly turns far more complicated, embroiling Enola, along with Tewksbury and Sherlock into a much bigger conspiracy, one that overlaps with the same case that has had Sherlock stumped for weeks.

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