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Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin

In Season 2, our PLLs face down summer school and a new villain — who may or may not have a connection to "A" — ready to put them all to the test.

Drama, Mystery

Episodes (8)
1Thu, May 09, 2024

Chapter Eleven:

The PLLs await the results of A's trial and a much-needed break – only to be cursed with a fate worse than death ... summer school.

2Thu, May 09, 2024

Chapter Twelve: Summer Lovin

Heeding Dr. Sullivan's advice, the PLLs make the most of their summers. Meanwhile, Imogen forges a new identity away from her closest friends.

3Thu, May 16, 2024

Chapter Thirteen: Sweet Sixteen

As the PLLs plan Mouse's surprise sixteenth birthday party, Tabby and Imogen face boy problems, Noa clashes with Jen and Faran spills her secret.

4Thu, May 23, 2024

Chapter Fourteen: When a Stranger Calls Back

Still shaken from her encounter with Bloody Rose, Mouse searches for the real Rose Waters. Meanwhile, Imogen keeps tabs on Dr. Sullivan, Tabby works on a new short, Noa takes a much-needed day off, and Faran’s strength is put to the ultimate test.

5Thu, May 30, 2024

Chapter Fifteen: Friday the 13th

A disturbing discovery causes the PLLs to doubt Dr. Sullivan. Meanwhile, during Tabby's movie marathon, Noa is forced to make a brutal decision.

6Thu, Jun 06, 2024

Chapter Sixteen: Hell House

After discovering that Kelly's church is using her former home for their disturbing "Hell House", Imogen springs into action, while Mouse and Ash plan a Pride pool party in protest. Later, the PLLs' plan to freak out the faithful takes a frightening turn.

7Thu, Jun 13, 2024

Chapter Seventeen: The Bogeyman

Still shaken from Hell House, Imogen learns about Dr. Sullivan's secret ties to A, while the PLLs set out to uncover Bloody Rose's identity.

8Thu, Jun 20, 2024

Chapter Eighteen: Final Exam

The PLLs take a final stab at their list of suspects, and through a harrowing night will discover the identity of Bloody Rose Waters once and for all.