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HBO’s Horror-Comedy The Baby Gets That We’re All Really Damn Tired

I could spend this entire review writing about how HBO’s The Baby is a smart and sharp allegory for the life-changing pressures of motherhood and unexpected pregnancies.

HBO Max Watch Guide | The Baby

We could talk about its themes of birth control, abortion access, LGBTQ discrimination, societal pressures to procreate and then, once the kid’s arrived, the weight put on parents (and women in particular) to be a perfect caregiver even though absolutely no one has the same set of circumstances and understands what the other is going through.

But we’re two years into both a literal pandemic where everyone—especially parents and especially moms—is mentally and physically exhausted. And anyone who’s been online in the past 600-odd days knows we’re dealing with a figurative pandemic of think-pieces about all of this and how parents (read: moms because, for better or worse, dad exhaustion doesn’t get nearly the same news coverage) are beyond burned out.

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