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The Real Housewives of Miami

Six of the most influential and connected women live life to the fullest in the sunny city where both the party and the drama never stop.


Episodes (20)
1Wed, Nov 01, 2023

Nuevos Horizontes

Lisa navigates a new relationship while battling through her divorce; Alexia hosts a party in hopes of bringing the group back together, but her husband is MIA; Guerdy receives a devastating health update that will affect her life forever.

2Wed, Nov 08, 2023

Champagne Confessions

The ladies question if all is well in Alexia's marriage; Marysol hosts a boozy gay brunch; Nicole arranges a champagne happy hour; Guerdy reveals to her closest girlfriends that she has breast cancer and reaches a breaking point with Larsa.

3Wed, Nov 15, 2023

Loose Lips

Guerdy confides in Larsa that she has cancer, but Larsa repeats the news to her guests at Marcus' welcome home party; Nicole decides to have another baby; Julia takes opera lessons to surprise Martina, but upsets her wife in the process.

4Wed, Nov 22, 2023

Slam Dunks and Friendship Flunks

Larsa and Marcus host a charity basketball game where all the ladies attempt, and fail, to play ball. Adriana's flatulence leads to an argument while trapped in a van. Alexia receives a lavish birthday gift.

5Wed, Nov 29, 2023

A Night at the Opera

Adriana receives a therapy treatment and has an emotional out-of-body experience. Guerdy discovers that Larsa betrayed her trust. Julia hosts a F Cancer party in honor of Martina's recovery, but Lisa is held up by the police.

6Wed, Dec 06, 2023

Farmer of the Opera

Julia surprises Martina with an opera performance she will never forget; Guerdy puts Larsa on blast for broadcasting her cancer diagnosis; Lisa hosts the ladies in Palm Beach, where Julia begins to question her growing friendship with Alexia.

7Wed, Dec 13, 2023

Dildo & Dildon't

While in Palm Beach, a startling discovery is made during a scavenger hunt. Kiki erupts after Lisa talks about Lenny one too many times. Julia admits to befriending Marysol's ex. Lenny accuses Lisa of bleeding him dry financially.

8Wed, Dec 20, 2023

Palm Beach Pandemonium

The ladies play croquet in Palm Beach. Lisa is interrogated at dinner about her financial, parenting, and relationship choices. Nicole's family expands in a way that she could have never imagined. Lenny files a motion citing Lisa as an unfit mother.

9Wed, Dec 27, 2023

Mamacita Madness, Part 1

Alexia discovers she must vacate her home in 15 days. Nicole takes a DNA test to see if she has any other unknown siblings out there. A ghost from the girls' past causes a Mother's Day Lunch to meltdown before it even begins.

10Wed, Jan 03, 2024

Mamacita Madness, Part 2

Lisa unleashes her rage on the women for questioning her parenting; Alexia and Marysol come face-to-face with Ana and blame Nicole for setting them up; Guerdy undergoes surgery for cancer removal.

11Wed, Jan 10, 2024

Invite Only

Marysol hosts a shopping spree luncheon; Nicole is brought to tears after learning she is being iced out from the group; Julia forces Adriana to come clean; Alexia and Lisa's bickering brings Guerdy to a breaking point.

12Wed, Jan 17, 2024

Sink or Swim

Julia walks the runway for the first time in 24 years; Nicole and the Bros get to the bottom of The Mother's Day Massacre; Alexia invites the ladies to Mexico City; Guerdy shares a devastating health update.

13Wed, Jan 24, 2024

Miami in Mexico

The ladies arrive in Mexico City, but Larsa and Alexia start the trip off on the wrong foot; Guerdy discovers someone has been speaking poorly about her to the press; a sexual and provocative dinner experience brings some truths to light.

14Wed, Jan 31, 2024

Row, Row, Row Me Off this Boat

An emotional visit to the Virgin of Guadalupe brings the ladies closer together; Lisa loses it as she tries to settle with Lenny mere days before their court date; a gondola ride turns into a battleship when a juice box and words are thrown.

15Wed, Feb 07, 2024

Get Me Off This Gondola!

The ladies scramble to get Guerdy off the gondola and into an ambulance; Adriana performs at Mexico City Pride; Kiki reaches her breaking point with Lisa.

16Wed, Feb 14, 2024

Adios Mexico!

The Miami Mamis say adios to Mexico City; Nicole comes face to face with her father's girlfriend; Michael Jordan states his disapproval of Larsa's relationship with his son.

17Wed, Feb 21, 2024

Havana Nights

Alexia moves into her new apartment; Guerdy shaves her head in preparation for chemotherapy; Adriana hosts a release party for her new song with Emilio Estefan; Larsa and Guerdy's ongoing feud explodes and forces Russell to step in and speak up.

18Wed, Feb 28, 2024

Reunion Part 1

The Miami ladies reunite in dramatic fashion -- and fashions -- in New York City; Kiki confronts Larsa about her behavior since dating Marcus; Adriana recites a poem dedicated to Alexia; accusations and lies fracture Alexia and Larsa's friendship.

19Thu, Feb 29, 2024

Reunion Part 2

Alexia and Larsa's backstage argument escalates; Lisa is sickened when the group doesn't show her sympathy; Nicole discusses her father's passing and defends herself against Mamacita Madness.

20Wed, Mar 06, 2024

Reunion Part 3