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Love Deadline

Season: 1

Looking for true love, women meet potential husbands while traveling to scenic locales. The catch? Only women can propose, while men are on the clock.


Episodes (10)
1Tue, Jan 23, 2024

Dreams of Marriage and Dwindling Time

Five hopeful women arrive at a scenic beach in Okinawa and meet five men who could just be husband material, only to learn that time isn't on their side.

2Tue, Jan 23, 2024

Going Overboard

Following the first round of dates, the tables turn as men get the opportunity to ask the women out. A tantalizing reward incites fierce competition in one woman.

3Tue, Jan 23, 2024

And Then He Was Gone

An opportunity for a date creates an unexpected match that draws mixed emotions. Later, two of the men reach out to the women they hope to win over.

4Tue, Jan 23, 2024

The Truth of the Girls' Gathering

Things grow tense as one of the men leaves and a newcomer arrives. Later in Kyoto, the crew don their kimonos as the women pick their own dates.

5Tue, Jan 30, 2024

Drawing Closer, Drifting Apart

The singles move into their new lodgings, which take them by surprise. Saki faces a difficult choice after spending time with Taka.

6Tue, Jan 30, 2024

A Breath of Fresh Air

After two members depart, the group goes on a camping trip to Lake Biwa that leaves them in tears. New faces join the crew — with an unexpected twist.

7Tue, Feb 06, 2024

Spending a Night With You

The singles who paired up move into their new homes together. As the couples settle in and get cozy, an announcement catches them off guard the next day.

8Tue, Feb 06, 2024

Choosing to Leave, Choosing to Love

The crew meets a new member in Hokkaido. Shi makes a choice after a chat with Keijiro. On Sora's advice, Okapi pursues Nona despite his odds.

9Tue, Feb 13, 2024

A Resolution of True Love

While Nona contemplates a decision of a lifetime, Okapi takes a bold leap. Knowing he must leave, one man tries to make the most of his remaining time.

10Tue, Feb 13, 2024

Time Is Finite

Despite missed chances and uncertainty, the crew take their last shot to strike up a romance. But will they make the leap or end the trip alone?