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One Day

Season: 1

After spending graduation night together, Emma and Dexter go their separate ways — but their lives remain intertwined.


Episodes (14)
1Thu, Feb 08, 2024

Episode 1

1988. On the night of their graduation, Emma and Dexter meet for the first time. It's an evening of almost-romance, and a morning of missed opportunity.

2Thu, Feb 08, 2024

Episode 2

1989. The year has taken Dex and Em in very different directions. From a villa in Rome and a minibus in the Midlands, they both ponder what comes next.

3Thu, Feb 08, 2024

Episode 3

1990. Life in London isn't what Em was expecting. In a creative drought, she's working in a shabby restaurant, where she gets a visit from Dex.

4Thu, Feb 08, 2024

Episode 4

1991. On holiday together in Greece, Emma has plans for how to keep things platonic. Dexter would rather reminisce about the night they met.

5Thu, Feb 08, 2024

Episode 5

1992. After a heavy night out, a hungover Dexter goes home to visit his family. Shocked at the terrible state he's in, his mother takes him to task.

6Thu, Feb 08, 2024

Episode 6

1993. Dex gets his moment in the spotlight, while it's opening night for Em's play. She boosts her actors' confidence, while he suffers a dent to his.

7Thu, Feb 08, 2024

Episode 7

1994. The friends go for a glamorous but disastrous dinner together. Dexter's keen to show off his lavish new lifestyle, but Emma isn't impressed.

8Thu, Feb 08, 2024

Episode 8

1995. On the last day of the school term, Emma gets into a compromising position at work. When she gets home, things become even more uncomfortable.

9Thu, Feb 08, 2024

Episode 9

1996. Dexter wants to impress his new girlfriend's parents, but the visit doesn't go according to plan. Over dinner, he gets a call from his agent.

10Thu, Feb 08, 2024

Episode 10

1997. The two bump into each other at a university friend's wedding. After an awkward reunion, they get lost in conversation together.

11Thu, Feb 08, 2024

Episode 11

1998. Dexter's still adjusting to domestic life. On an evening in, he finds an old mixtape from Emma and calls her to chat about times gone by.

12Thu, Feb 08, 2024

Episode 12

1999. A troubled Dexter visits Emma, who's thriving in Paris. As they wander the streets, the memory of their encounter months before hangs in the air.

13Thu, Feb 08, 2024

Episode 13

2000. 2001. 2002. Em and Dex's bond grows tighter as the years pass. Her writing's going well, and he starts his own business.

14Thu, Feb 08, 2024

Episode 14

2003. 2004. 2007. Unable to contemplate the future, Dexter looks back on his and Emma's intertwined past — and gets a visit from some familiar faces.