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Andrea, Daniele, Carola, Marco, Nina and their friends. Ineffable lives, right and wrong at the same time. Now none of them can hide their unacceptable love, their talents, their desires, their self-destructive instincts, their mistakes and their unspeakable secrets.


Episodes (8)
1Thu, Jun 06, 2024


A month has passed since Andrea and Daniele met on the bus, and since then Daniele hasn't answered his calls. Suddenly, he reaches out to ask Andrea to bring some weed to the opening party of the new Klan Bruxelles studio. During the evening, the members of the friend groups meet again, and all the conflicts, attractions, and unspoken feelings resurface.

2Thu, Jun 06, 2024


Andrea discovers that his brother broke Daniele's nose and tries to talk to both of them to clarify the situation, but without success. Carola doesn't seem able to handle the consequences of the online spread of her intimate video anymore and stops going to school. Meanwhile, Nina, also thanks to Andrea's advice, finally reconnects with Micol.

3Thu, Jun 06, 2024


Daniele argues with Ilo and Vittorio and leaves the group. He starts working in the factory where Andrea also works, giving them the opportunity to talk. Carola agrees to tell her story to Vanity Fair in an attempt to reclaim her life. During the evening organized by her friends to celebrate her, Akemi comes out to Nina.

4Thu, Jun 06, 2024


Even though he tells his brother otherwise, Andrea and Daniele continue to see each other. After the interview comes out, Carola seems to have rehabilitated herself and returns to having a social life. However, Marco ignores her and asks out the maid at his pool. Meanwhile, Nina struggles with Micol's indecision and Akemi's unexpected declarations of love.

5Thu, Jun 06, 2024


Nina and her new friends organize a Halloween party at their high school. Andrea decides to wear a feminine costume, which leaves Marco, Ilo, and Vittorio perplexed. Daniele can't handle the situation and leaves the party without speaking to Andrea. Carola, who has reconciled with Marco, realizes she can't continue to protect Zelia's brother.

6Thu, Jun 06, 2024


After the argument with Andrea, Daniele is in a crisis which will bring him closer to his old friends. Andrea becomes very close with Jacopo, who will help him better understand what he wants. Carola faces the consequences of her report and distances herself from Marco when she realizes the type of person he is becoming. Akemi continues to search for Nina, who is struggling to know how to behave anymore.

7Thu, Jun 06, 2024


Luciano wants 30 thousand euros to free Klan Bruxelles from the contract and allow them to sign with Achille Lauro. Daniele is forced to reconnect with Andrea and asks him for the contact of his drug dealer. Andrea, who is unaware of him and Marika, agrees to help the group. Marco goes to Milan for a swimming competition without knowing that Carola is also there as a guest at a TikToker House.

8Thu, Jun 06, 2024


Carola organizes a party on the terrace to celebrate Marco, who she has now reconciled with. Nina decides to go out with Akemi, without realizing the consequences. Andrea finds out that Daniele is in a relationship with Marika, but still agrees to help him. During the last drug delivery, things suddenly take a turn for the worse for everyone.