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With ESPN+ Now on Hulu, It Really Is the Best All-Around Streaming Service

EPSN+ is officially joining the Hulu platform.

Subscribers to the Disney bundle have been able to cut costs on getting Hulu, Disney+, and ESPN+ at a discounted rate for a minute. Now, Hulu has introduced an option for subscribers to pay $6 per month to get an ESPN+ add-on through Hulu itself. Customers who pay for ESPN+ through Hulu and those who already have access to the service through the Disney bundle will now be able to watch live sports programming without ever leaving Hulu.

“Viewers can now easily switch from binge watching The Handmaid’s Tale to checking out coverage of The PGA Championship, and swap back to Animaniacs before they catch up on the latest from last night’s sports stories with SportsNation and then tune into the newest episode of The Bachelor—all in one place,” the company said in an announcement about the new feature.

The feature includes the ESPN+ library, live events, as well as its originals, the company said. Sometime in the summer, the platform will also introduce the ability to buy ESPN+ pay-per-view events as well (separate from the monthly $6 service fee).

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