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Season: 1

The story of the first big rock war in Denmark in the 1980s, with its origins in the 1970s in Christiania and Amager, where rootless young people try to create a community outside the established society, which becomes the rock club Bullshit.

Drama, Crime

Episodes (6)
1Thu, Feb 01, 2024

Ep 1

Henning and Johnny make an effort to join a biker club. When Pia is left in Copenhagen with limited money and no place to sleep, she hopes that someone in Christiania might help her.

2Thu, Feb 01, 2024

Ep 2

Henning seeks revenge and defies his leader as he and his new mate Steen meet the Hells Angels in a brothel; Pia searches for a job as a pusher.

3Thu, Feb 01, 2024

Ep 3

Henning and Pia are all set to tie the knot, but Pia might not be prepared for a violent life as First Lady in Bullshit and Henning must teach her to stand up for herself.

4Thu, Feb 01, 2024

Ep 4

New parents Steen and Bettina inspire Henning and Pia to want to live a life away from Bullshit as common citizens.

5Thu, Feb 01, 2024

Ep 5

The girls are celebrating Bettina's birthday with a party; Henning drags a tired Steen out to Søpromenaden, where their friendship is put to the test.

6Thu, Feb 01, 2024

Ep 6

Henning and Pia decide to leave Bullshit permanently due to the violence in their lives. Henning then agrees to appear in a live TV interview, in which he states that Bullshit wants peace with the Hells Angels.