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The Board

Season: 1

The board is not merely limited to companies and the business world, it exists everywhere, from small organizations to large ones, including families. It's a minority group managing the majority, willingly or unwillingly. The things we are unaware of shape our destiny, this is The Board.


Episodes (10)
1Thu, Feb 01, 2024

The Gift

On his birthday, Zaki Baroud, the CEO of CDS Holding receives a gift that turns his life around. A gift that might as well be the last on any of his birthdays by one of the closest people to him; his assistant May who finds herself stuck in a situation she had never imagined she would face.

2Thu, Feb 01, 2024

You Are Not Ready

May demands a promise from Zaki to file his resignation to the board threatening him that otherwise, she will testify to Dana's benefit in court after he sexually harassed her in his own apartment. Zaki's gives an unexpected response giving the board with the task of hiring a new CEO.

3Thu, Feb 01, 2024

No Time to Compromise

After being hired as a replacement for Zaki, May finds herself in a confrontation with one of the strongest board members, and that is Rabeh Ifranji who was not supportive of hiring her. Rabeh doesn't hide his intention of acquiring the holding to show May what it means to reach the status of CEO in such a huge holding.

4Thu, Feb 01, 2024

The True Allies

May, with help from Dana, starts the difficult mission of cleaning the holding from corruption, but the team that is hired to do that task won't be up to it as she hopes. Rabeh Ifranji takes a new step towards the acquisition to face the board's assertive response to his plan.

5Thu, Feb 01, 2024

Al Jawhara

After receiving the news of Al-Jawhara's sale, Rabeh Ifranji gets shot at just outside his house. May realizes that selling Al-Jawhara is a tactic by the board to respond to Rabeh's decision of acquisition. Now, May's new task is to stop the sale of Al-Jawhara. As for Dana, she starts investigating a harassment case with Rabeh Ifranji as a suspect.

6Thu, Feb 01, 2024

A Growing Wave

The board succeeds in stopping Rabeh Ifranji's acquisition, but Rabeh uncovers new information that could be a game changer in the board, making May's mission even more complicated. In the meantime, Dana decides to confront Rabeh with the accusations of sexual harassment raised against him.

7Thu, Feb 01, 2024

New Offer

Dana's accusation of sexual harassment against Rabeh Ifranji puts May in a big dilemma as Rabeh requests that she officially resigns from her position. Now, May has to find a quick fix for this situation to respond to Rabeh and stop him from achieving his plans of acquisition. Meanwhile, the board members are working on a new offer.

8Thu, Feb 01, 2024

Last Chance

As Rabeh sets up to take a new step toward responding to the board and moving ahead with the acquisition, Jamal Nassif's men abduct Dana not to leak out any information in regards to Zaki Baroud. As May fails in finding Dana, she decides to seek assistance from an unexpected ally.

9Thu, Feb 01, 2024

A Bear Hug

The exposure of Zaki's harassment case puts him between a rock and hard place; his choices become very limited as his wife Hiba holds the strings of action in his case. Rabeh and May are laying all their cards on the table in a final attempt to keep the holding from collapsing as the rest of the board members are forced to make a huge sacrifice.

10Thu, Feb 01, 2024

The Takeover

Dana appears in a critical interview that could determine May's future. It's a huge test for her loyalty after all the fear she's been through during her abduction. This happens at the time when board members are holding their breaths before the final voting on Rabeh Ifranji's offer to raise the capital of the holding in a final battle that shall change the holding's fate once and for all.