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Hot Mess Summer

Season: 1

Rylan plays host to eight party-loving Brits, all a liability on a night out. They think they're in Zante for a summer of fun but have really been nominated by their mates - sick of their antics - to run a busy pool bar, doing everything from mixing cocktails to cleaning toilets. If they can resist temptation they could share up to £60 grand. But that's easier said than done for these Hot Messes.


Episodes (6)
1Wed, Feb 07, 2024

Episode One

8 Hot Messes hit Zante for a summer of fun but after a heady 1st night Rylan serves up a hangover from hell. They'll be working behind the bar they thought they'd be propping up, thanks to mates who want them to curb their selfish ways. Manager Lee introduces uniforms and rules and training brings out the inner divas. As true colours emerge someone could leave before the 1st drink is even served

2Wed, Feb 07, 2024

Episode Two

As our eight Hot Messes face their first day at work in Zante's busiest pool bar, they soon prove their friends' nominations right. Despite swearing to change their ways, they can't resist sneaking drinks and breaking rules, with drunken antics leading to chaos. Bar brawl, anyone? But at the season's opening party it's not just a £3,000 prize pot on the line – the future of the bar is at stake

3Wed, Feb 07, 2024

Episode Three

After a disastrous first event, Rylan Clark's team of Hot Messes are determined to turn it around for their next event. Manager Lee's not taking any chances, with a new zero tolerance approach to rule breaking. But old habits are hard to break and with relationships threatening to spill over into the bar, three of the team end up on probation and face being sent home

4Wed, Feb 07, 2024

Episode Four

Flying high after a successful event, Rylan's team of Hot Messes head to the beach for a well-earned day off. But what they don't know is when they return they'll have a very different challenge ahead. With a £15 grand tip pot up for grabs, a new worker threatens to upset the delicate team balance. And with a difficult decision to make, the team have never been under more pressure.

5Wed, Feb 07, 2024

Episode Five

As the first Hot Mess heads home, Rylan's new recruit Daryl struggles to fit into the team. And a surprise promotion for one hottie causes tempers to flare once more. But a Singles Night means they need to pull together to make love, not war, if they want to pick up a 15 grand tip at the end of the night. And a romantic evening brings tough decisions for two tempted teammates

6Wed, Feb 07, 2024

Episode Six

It's Jay's birthday and to celebrate Rylan offers up the chance to compete for a massive 25 grand. With the Hot Messes divided into two teams, the stage is set for their biggest event yet. With Lee's rulebook out the window, the gloves are off. And as they face off on this final challenge they will have to decide whether finance or friendship matters more.