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‘American Horror Stories’: First Episodes Of Anthology Series Revisit Franchise’s Humble, Haunted Beginnings

FX on Hulu’s AHS spinoff anthology series mirrors the very first episodes of the long-running horror series as a new family makes their way to the infamous Los Angeles home in the first episode, “Rubber(wo)Man.” This time, it’s a couple of house-flippers, Michael (Matt Bomer) and Troy (Gavin Creel), and their disinterested teenage daughter Scarlett (Sierra McKormick).

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Upon unpacking, Scarlett finds the leather rubber suit — yes, that one — and gives the devilish attire a try. The familiar trill of Bernard Hermann’s “Twisted Nerve” (famous for its use in Kill Bill) harkens to the scenes from the AHS‘s first sinister moments. While she checks herself out in the mirror, Scarlett sees another figure, also donning the murder attire, staring back at her. She rips it off and throws it out, but as we learned in Season 1, what lives in the murder house stays in the murder house.

Scarlett attracts the attention of fellow classmate and potential girlfriend Maya (Paris Jackson). While she fantasizes about her classmate in bed, Scarlett’s daydream takes a heinous turn where she imagines choking her crush. “Twisted Nerve” shrills in the background. Shortly after, Scarlett’s parents lecture her on her BDSM Internet searches, concerned that they might affect her sex life.

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